Image of Cevdet Erek - Frenzy (SUB017)

Cevdet Erek - Frenzy (SUB017)

by Cevdet Erek


New work by the Istanbul based artist and musician Cevdet Erek in extracts from his soundtrack to the Turkish political thriller Frenzy, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

These two compositions shed light on Erek's diverse sonic background, both as a member of the seminal band Nekropsi and as a celebrated conceptual artist presenting sound and installation works internationally such as his Room of Rhythms, which has been shown at Documenta, as well as the Istanbul and Sydney biennials. He has just been chosen to represent Turkey at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017.

The first track presents a tense and driving percussive wall of sound that mirrors Frenzy's dramatic storyline set against a backdrop of political violence in Istanbul. Accompanying this is a textural recording exploring aspects of warped time and shifting geometry that references the films disturbing subtext of social paranoia.

Available for pre-order here. Ships on the 13th May.